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Be Kind To Your Kidneys Children’s Book Release

By Phyllis Hicks  |  KFCP |  September 21, 2017

The Kidney Foundation of Central Pennsylvania (KFCP) is committed to improving the lives of children and young adults dealing with kidney disease and passionately believes it is important to make the general public aware of kidney disease, especially the threat it presents to the many children who are at risk of kidney disease at an early age. A key lesson learned from the many community-based health education events that KFCP participates in yearly is that our children and young adults do not understand the importance of their kidneys, what the kidneys do, how to take care of their kidneys and what happens when kidneys don’t work. It is therefore crucial that we encourage and facilitate education, early detection and a healthy lifestyle in children. That is the mission of our book.

Be Kind to Your Kidneys will be used to educate children on how to take care of their kidneys to prevent kidney disease.  During the months of October and November special readings by Floyd Stokes, author and Executive Director for the American Literacy Corporation, and KFCP board members will be taking place at designated elementary schools in the Harrisburg area.  The book will also be distributed throughout the 28 counties in central Pennsylvania that KFCP serves. Be Kind to Your Kidneys is free to the public.

Special thanks go to the following, who helped with underwriting and development of this special book:

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