Keys to Camp Key Collection Unlocks Opportunity

By Phyllis Hicks  |  Camp Kydnie |  November 21, 2017

Ever wonder what to do with those old unused keys lying around in the drawers in your house or business? The Kidney Foundation of Central Pennsylvania (KFCP) collects old keys and recycles them providing money to support our annual summer camp for kids with kidney disease. Unlock the opportunity for kids with kidney disease to experience Camp Kydnie! The Keys to Camp project is supported by Consolidated Resources, Inc. (CSR), a full service metals, paper and plastics recycling services provider committed to conserving our natural resources. KFCP receives payment for the price of the scrap brass turned in for recycling.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Host a key collection canister in your place of business. Canisters can be located at high-traffic public locations such as hospitals, dialysis centers, businesses, churches, schools, etc. throughout the 28-county region served by KFCP.
  • Only loose keys (removed from key rings) are accepted for recycling. We cannot accept any keys with added plastic coatings.
  • Ask your local hardware store and locksmith to participate by donating the old keys they replace for customers to the Keys to Camp


KFCP office will provide Keys to Camp flyers to distribute to your contacts and to display near the key collection canister.

A KFCP volunteer “key master” will come to collect donated keys when the canister is at least half-full.  If requested, KFCP will provide an acknowledgement of your key donation.

Who Keys to Camp Supports:

Keys to Camp supports Camp Kydnie, a program partnership of the Kidney Foundation of Central Pennsylvania and Camps for Spiffy Kyds.  Camp takes place during the first week of July at Camp Victory in Millville, Columbia County.  Camp Victory is a unique state-of-the-art camp especially designed to accommodate children with special medical needs.  Approximately 55 to 65 children from all across central and eastern Pennsylvania attend Camp Kydnie each year.