A Certified Partner has attended eight, two-hour training sessions designed to help them understand the narrow, yet vital role of a Certified Partner.

  1. To address the emotional needs of the struggling patient or family member.
  2. Develop effective communication, listening, and problem solving skills.
  3. Learn about the community resources available to kidney disease patients.
  4. Expand the CP’s personal knowledge of kidney disease.

How it works 

Certified Partners, having completed their training, are available to be matched with a mentee by the KFCP Program Coordinator. With the consent of their patient, a Social Worker will contact the Program Coordinator requesting a CP be matched with their patient-in-need.

To date, we have trained over 40 Certified Partners and provide a total of almost 100 partnerships!

Become a Certified Partner 

If you are currently coping well and think you might be able to encourage someone else along the path you have walked, please talk with a member of your medical team and let them know you’re interested in becoming a trained, KFCP Certified Partner. We do not allow patients or caregivers to self-refer to the Patient and Family Partner Program, but upon the recommendation of a medical professional we welcome your application to the next Certified Partner Candidate Training in your area.

Resources for Certified Partners

Certified Partner Evaluation of PFPP

If you are currently a Certified Partner and are currently matched with a mentee(s), we want to hear from you more info

Download PDF

Contact Report Form 

If you are a current Certified Partner and need to access blank copies of the Confidential Contact Report Form, you can access it here.

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learn more about KFCP certified partners


If you or a family member would like to explore being matched with a KFCP Certified Partner, please contact your Social Worker or contact with the KFCP Program Coordinator who will help you begin the process.

The Patient and Family Partner Program, its text and the trainings are overseen by PFPP Medical Director, Nasr Ghahramani MD, MS, FACP, FASN, Professor of Medicine and Public Health Sciences at Penn State Hershey Medical Center, and also by Robin Asick MSW, LSW, Fresenius Kidney Care of Harrisburg. 

Mentee Evaluation of Certified Partner and PFPP

If you are currently matched with a KFCP Certified Partner, we want to hear from you. Help us evaluate the program and improve it as it grows.

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