To achieve these goals, we offer a wide range of patient services to patients and caregivers navigating the many challenges of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).

Patient and Family Partner Program
The nationally-recognized Patient and Family Partner Program trains and certifies volunteers who have experienced kidney failure themselves, or who have been part of the support team for a loved one with kidney failure, to serve as Certified Partners (mentors) and provide support to patients and caregivers.

Patient and Family Partner Program Certified Partner training courses are conducted multiple times per year in various counties throughout the KFCP region.

Patient Emergency Assistance Fund
Emergency cash assistance for food, medicine and other essential expenses is available through the Kidney Foundation of Central Pennsylvania for qualifying transplant patients or patients receiving dialysis.

Requests for Assistance are communicated through social workers at dialysis and transplant centers in our region.

Organ Donor Awareness
The goal of the Organ Donor Awareness program is to increase organ donations through community education and outreach, with a primary emphasis on living donor awareness.

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Chronic Renal Disease Program (CRDP) Transportation Program
As a Participating Provider for the Department of Health CRDP Transportation Program, the Kidney Foundation of Central Pennsylvania provides reimbursement for public, shared ride, and non-emergency transportation expenses incurred by qualified dialysis patients in our region.

Medical Identification Jewelry
Qualified patients can receive life-saving medical alert bracelets or necklaces at discounted fees. Patients should speak with the social worker at their dialysis center or transplant unit for information and assistance with completing the order form.

Camp Kydnie
A special week-long overnight camp designed especially for children with kidney disease ages 6 – 18 and their siblings and friends. Camp Kydnie is a Program Partnership of the Kidney Foundation of Central Pennsylvania and the Camps for Spiffy Kyds Foundation. Camp Kydnie takes place every year around the fourth of July.

Kidney Disease Outreach, Education & Screenings
The Kidney Foundation of Central Pennsylvania provides free community based outreach, including information and education on the risks for chronic kidney disease.

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